African American Studies

African American Studies

Pre-Major African American Studies

BCTC Focus Area

AA Focus Area:(12 hours)  ENG 264 ( Major Black Writers); HIS 260 (African American History to 1865); HIS 261 (African American History 1865 to the Present); choose one from Hum 150 (Intro to African Literature), SOC 235 (Inequality in Society), ANT 160 (Cultural Diversity in the Modern World), COM 254 (Intercultural Communication), MUS 104 (Intro to Jazz history), ENG 230, 231, 232, 233 when topic closely related to AA Studies with approval of Assistant Dean of Humanities or African American focus leader.

BCTC Program Contact

Iddah Otieno
Cooper Campus, OB 339
(859) 246-6341

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