Leadership Opportunity Reading Liaison Subcommittee

Leadership Opportunity: Reading Liaison Subcommittee

Do you need a College-Wide Leadership Opportunity for your PPE?

An Opportunity for College-wide Leadership: The Reading Liaison Subcommittee (QEP/Read for LIFE)

Based on our QEP Plan and our Read for LIFE Initiative across the college, each Division is charged to appoint a representative to the Reading Liaison Subcommittee. This group usually meets once or twice per semester (and as needed) to serve as a conduit between reading faculty and faculty from the various divisions.

The goal of The Reading Liaison Partnership is to maintain clear lines of communication for our Read for LIFE initiative by involving faculty from all divisions in discussions on student reading and reading strategies. It is not only a vital role for the success of Read for LIFE, but also a good opportunity for some leadership.

Please let Brandon Knight know who your representative is as soon as you have one named. If you have any questions, his contact information is:

Brandon Knight; Reading Director
Associate Professor Developmental Studies
Cooper OB 339
470 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40506
(859) 246-6385

Current representatives are listed below. Other divisions are as yet unrepresented.

Representative Department
Norm Strobel Natural Sciences
Miranda Gibson Nursing
Kathi Crowe Humanities

To learn more about the QEP/Read for LIFE initiative and Reading Strategies, or to attend online QEP Professional Development, please visit this webpage.