Professional Development

QEP/Read for LIFE Professional Development

Goal three of our QEP is to advance student reading in the college-level curriculum. How do we do this? We train the trainers !

Every semester, all faculty attend professional development related to reading across the disciplines. Faculty learn reading strategies to apply in their classroom, therefore directly enhancing what is offered to our students. Faculty and staff may attend a face-to-face workshop or meet their professional development goals on-line. Staff may attend professional development to enhance reading across college-level programs such as student advising and to improve student comprehension of important terms used in BCTC Literacy such as SAP, and FERPA.

QEP/Read for LIFE Professional Development opportunities may be scheduled for your Division Meetings or for any campus. For more information, contact Brandon Knight at

QEP/Read for LIFE Professional Development workshops include the following information:

For the past four years, we have been hard at work promoting student reading throughout BCTC. As part of our Read for LIFE project, reading faculty and have partnered with faculty from a variety of disciplines, and staff from BCTC areas, to incorporate reading strategies into existing academic and technical classes and to better inform reading faculty about the reading expectations and demands students face in these courses. But we know that, partnership or not, everyone has done something in their classes and across the college to advance reading.

For this year's PD, you will:

  • learn about some of the results of the partnerships,
  • hear what your colleagues have tried,
  • and share with them some of the ways you have incorporated reading strategies into your classes and/or areas.

Whether it is a particular assignment, classroom practice, or anything else, we can all benefit from each other, so please bring something to share, and let s celebrate the great work we have done over the last four years. We hope to see you at one of these!

QEP/Read for Life Online Option

Of course, the online option for QEP/Read for LIFE PD is also available:

Or you may access the online version of the Spring 2015 QEP PD through Blackboard. You must be enrolled in the BCTC QEP Professional Development eCommunity on Blackboard. Ben Worth has created a short video showing how to enroll in this eCommunity:

In short, follow these steps to access the Fall 2014 online PD:

  1. Log into Blackboard and click the eCommunity tab
  2. On the left, under organization search, type QEP
  3. Navigate to the BCTC_QEP_Professional_Development link, click the drop-down arrow, and choose enroll

Having enrolled in this eCommunity, you will have access to the QEP online PD. The prior semester s PDs are also located here.