Recent Research

Recent Research


Part of QEP's purpose is to gather data related to our three Read for LIFE goals. Our data comes from:

Institutional Effectiveness provides regular data on GPA, retention, credential attainment, mandatory placement compliance, and hours earned by our developmental reading students.

Nelson Denny Assessment - assesses grade gains in our reading classes every semester.

Faculty and Student Surveys - surveys annually reading practices and expectations of faculty and students.

BCTC Literacy - measures what college terms and processes students know.

Mandatory Placement Compliance - tracks incoming freshman compliance and collects data about why students are non-compliant.

Mandatory Placement

The Mandatory Placement Monitor (MPM), Suzanne McIntosh, ensures that incoming freshmen to BCTC are in the correct reading courses as shown by their COMPASS scores. Near the beginning of each semester, the MPM receives the names of all the students placed in developmental reading courses who have not registered for those courses. Because state regulations mandate that students take these developmental reading courses during their first year of college, the Mandatory Placement Monitor contacts all students who have not registered for the correct courses and instructs them to register for those courses during Priority Registration for the following semester. The MPM also collects data on each of these non-compliant students to show the possible reasons for their non-compliance.

Contact: Suzanne Mcintosh.