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Advising Checklist

The following are important questions to ask a student who is considering taking an online classes:

Do you know how to enroll in online Bluegrass classes?

In order to receive a BCTC credential, 25% of credits must come from BCTC classes. Taking classes with BCTC faculty provides other benefits as well: students gain access to instructors who also serve as academic advisors and help place students in internships. Books for BCTC online classes are available for purchase in the Cooper Campus BCTC bookstore. Finally, if there are problems with your class, the BCTC Distance Learning Office can work directly with a BCTC instructor.

Locate online, BCTC classes using the BCTC Class Schedule Search feature. Set the "Format" field to "Online".

Have you completed the digital literacy requirement and/or FYE 105, Introduction to College?

If no, then consider taking a digital literacy course or FYE 105 as your first online class or taking a hybrid class before enrolling in fully online classes.

Do you have dedicated access to a computer with a high speed Internet connection running updated Web browsers and word processing software?

Any KCTCS college campus and most public libraries provide students with the computers and software needed to succeed in online classes. Most students find they want access to this material at home, but be sure your home computer is ready for the task.

Have you reviewed the Student Support tab in Blackboard?

The Student Support Tab contains many useful student tutorials, including the Online Readiness Quiz and the KCTCS Learn by Term Orientation.

Can you work independently?

Online students do not have a teacher over their shoulders reminding them to turn in assignments and keep up with projects. You must be self-motivated to succeed in an online class.

Plan to take your classes with Bluegrass

BCTC students may enroll in classes through Learn by Term and Learn on Demand but students often benefit from enrolling in classes with their home college. Doing so provides students with access to instructors who also serve as academic advisors and who can assist students with program information, transfer questions and job placement.