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Advising Checklist

The following are important questions to ask a student who is considering taking an online classes:

Do you know how to enroll in online Bluegrass classes?

In order to receive a BCTC credential, 25% of credits must come from BCTC classes. Taking classes with BCTC faculty provides other benefits as well: students gain access to instructors who also serve as academic advisors and help place students in internships. Books for BCTC online classes are available for purchase in the Cooper Campus BCTC bookstore. Finally, if there are problems with your class, the BCTC Distance Learning Office can work directly with a BCTC instructor.

Locate online, BCTC classes using the BCTC Class Schedule Search feature. Set the "Format" field to "Online".

Have you completed the digital literacy requirement and/or FYE 105, Introduction to College?
Digital Literacy Requirement for 2016-17

All students earning diplomas and AA, AS, AAS, and AFA degrees from KCTCS must demonstrate digital literacy (formerly referred to as "computer literacy"). KCTCS has adopted current Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3) objectives to define digital literacy, emphasizing in particular the three identified broad categories of Computing Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online. A complete listing of the IC3 objectives may be found at Certiport's IC3 Certification Exams page

Digital Literacy may be demonstrated by one of the following means within five (5) years preceding their current admission to a KCTCS college:

  1. Scoring a minimum of 75% composite score on the Certiport Fast Track digital literacy exam1, or
  2. Achieving the full IC3 certification2, or
  3. Articulating credit from another institution which has demonstrated compliance with the above course criteria as identified by the registrar of the receiving college in cooperation with the digital literacy faculty of the receiving college, or
  4. Receiving credit for an approved KCTCS digital literacy course3, or
  5. Providing documentation of successful completion of other certification exams as approved by KCTCS.

All Barnes and Noble bookstores sell vouchers for the IC3 Fast Track exam ($19.95). The voucher must be purchased prior to scheduling a time to take the exam at a campus testing center. BCTC operates an Assessment and Testing Center on the Leestown campus. For more information:

To schedule a time to take the ICĀ³ Fast Track exam call:

  • Workforce Assessment & Testing: 859-246-6669 (or)
  • Sandra Muncy, Assessment/Testing Assistant: 859-246-6613

Note: Passing the IC3 Fast Track exam (75% or higher) will satisfy the KCTCS Computer/Digital Literacy requirement but does not result in credit for any academic course and does not earn IC3 certification.

Students can continue to take the full IC3 exam (administered in three parts) to satisfy the Computer/Digital Literacy requirement. An updated version of the full IC3 exam now includes database questions.

The following courses have been approved by KCTCS as meeting the digital literacy requirement:

  • CAD 103 CAD Fundamentals
  • CIT 105 Introduction to Computing*
  • DLC 100 Digital Literacy
  • IMD 100 Digital Information and Communication Technologies
  • OST 105 Introduction to Information Systems
  • VCC 150 Mac Basics

A Special Exam for Credit (SEC) for CIT 105 is given at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters for students who believe they already have the competencies and skills to test out of this class. The cost of the SEC is approximately $50. For more information and to register for special exams, go to our Special Exams for Credit page


If no, then consider taking a digital literacy course (below) or FYE 105 as your first online class, or taking a hybrid class before enrolling in fully online classes.

Course Description Recommendation
CIT 105
Introduction to
Provides an introduction to the computer and the convergence of technology as used in today's global environment. Introduces topics including computer hardware and software, file management, the Internet, e-mail, the social web, green computing, security and computer ethics. Presents basic use of application, programming, systems, and utility software. Basic keyboarding skills are strongly recommended.  This course is recommended for students who want an introduction to productivity software (such as Microsoft Office or Google Docs) in addition to learning the concepts surrounding computer hardware and operating systems which are valuable skills when selecting a computer based on individual or business needs. Real world use of computing is also discussed including online learning environments, email, social networking, computer security, and netiquette. This course is a core requirement for the Computer & Information Technologies program and is a prerequisite for many other CIT courses.
IMD 100
Digital Information
& Communication
Introduces digital and social media concepts and technologies. Examines hardware, operating systems, applications, telecommunications, digital defense, ethics, and social media. Utilizes Windows operating system plus word processing, spreadsheet, database, and presentation applications. Emphasizes social media practices and concepts. Students expressing interest in graphic design, web design, multimedia, or video editing should be advised to take this class. It is the Digital Literacy core requirement for the Information Management & Design program.
OST 105
Introduction to Information Systems
Introduces and familiarizes students with essential computer concepts and terminology including operating systems software, multitasking concepts, disk and file management
and telecommunications. Teaches basic competencies in word processing, electronic spreadsheets, presentations, databases, and online skills including networking, electronic mail, Web browsing, and Internet research.
This class is for students who want to develop strong skills using Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Students will develop skills needed for research paper development, accounting reports, and presentations which will be valuable in future classes and in the workplace. Students wanting to go into Administrative Office Technology (AOT) or Medical Information Technology (MIT) should take this class. OST 105 is a technical core requirement for OST majors and a pre-requisite to OST 240 (technical requirement for OST, and option for MIT and Business Management Marketing, BMM).
EDU 204
Technology in the
Provides the student with a fundamental understanding of the uses of microcomputers in instruction and instructional management. Explores the methods of using multi-media in the classroom, designing web pages, and optimizing the use of current technology to enhance their instructional ability as
well as classroom organization.
This course is highly recommended for students who plan on working with teachers and students in a classroom setting or those preparing to become a certified teacher. The emphasis of this course is to provide students with knowledge of microcomputers and software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Social Media, etc.) integration in an educational setting. EDU 204 is the Digital Literacy course recommended for the Education (Teacher Preparation) program, Interdisciplinary Early Childhood Education program, and the AA/AS degree with an emphasis in Education.

Do you have dedicated access to a computer with a high speed Internet connection running updated Web browsers and word processing software?

Any KCTCS college campus and most public libraries provide students with the computers and software needed to succeed in online classes. Most students find they want access to this material at home, but be sure your home computer is ready for the task.

Have you reviewed the Student Support tab in Blackboard?

The Student Support Tab contains many useful student tutorials, including the Online Readiness Quiz and the KCTCS Learn by Term Orientation.

Can you work independently?

Online students do not have a teacher over their shoulders reminding them to turn in assignments and keep up with projects. You must be self-motivated to succeed in an online class.

Plan to take your classes with Bluegrass

BCTC students may enroll in classes through Learn by Term and Learn on Demand but students often benefit from enrolling in classes with their home college. Doing so provides students with access to instructors who also serve as academic advisors and who can assist students with program information, transfer questions and job placement.