Exam Proctoring

Proctored exams allow students to complete an assessment in a controlled setting so that access to various resources (calculators, textbooks, notes, Web pages) may be restricted.

If requiring exam proctoring, instructors should review the following:

  • Review KCTCS Proctor Exam Guidelines.
  • Direct students to the BCTC Testing Center to schedule their exam. Recommended language for course syllabi:

    Visit the BCTC Testing Center to schedule your proctored exam:

    The Testing Center is located on the Leestown Campus, in Room N-110 in the North Wing. All students must schedule an appointment. While same day scheduling is available for proctored exams, students are encouraged to register early. Schedule your Proctored Exam via this link:
  • Schedule a proctoring session with the Testing Center. All instructors who require a proctored exam must also be available to assist with proctoring. CIT and Math/Statistics instructors typically sign up through an area appointed scheduler, but all faculty are welcome to fulfill their proctoring responsibilities through the Testing Center. Send your available times to bl_testing@kctcs.edu or call 5-6669. Instructors should schedule one two-hour block of time for each proctored exam required.
  • Post Exam directions and passwords within two weeks of the start of the term. Exam information is stored in the KCTCS Proctor Resource Center. When posting exam information, consider giving permission for ProctorU, a proctoring-by-webcam service, to proctor your exam.