Professional Development for Online Instructors | BCTC

New Online Instructor Training

New online instructors are required to complete training prior to and during their first semester teaching online classes.

Prior to the Start of Classes:

  • Complete the Online Training Request form.
  • Review the Best Practices Handbook.
  • Attend the Best Practices Training Session. This will be offered either in person or online via Bb Collaborate based on your preferences.
  • Make contact with your eMentor. All new faculty will be assigned an eMentor during their first semester teaching online.

During your First Semester:

  • Working with an eMentor, complete a Best Practices Self Review.

Ongoing Training and Professional Development

BCTC Instructors have a wide array of opportunities to meet professional development needs. Listed below are just some options. Online instructors are encouraged to meet with their assistant dean and discuss what professional development will best meet their needs.

  • Changing Classroom Cultures. BCTC's annual conference is held in February and features technology tracks offered by BCTC eMentors, IT Services, and faculty from around the system.
  • IT Services. ITS maintains a comprehensive list of tutorials and training sessions on its Web pages.
  • Kick Off. The annual BCTC Kickoff features technology training provided by the Distance Learning Office and IT Services.
  • Professional Development and Opportunities. Our local PD office provides a list of low cost professional development opportunities.
  • The Assistant Dean of Faculty Professional Development and Support offers technology training regularly throughout the semester. Details and upcoming sessions can be found on the Teaching and Learning Center webpage.
  • The Training and Learning Center offers various training topics for tools used throughout KCTCS. There is also a link to Hoonuit and Go2Knowledge.

Instructors many wish to consult with the Assistant Dean of Faculty Professional Development and Support or college eMentors about professional developmental opportunities or to provide recommendations for PD.