Hybrid Classes


Hybrid courses, also known as blended courses, combine distance learning with traditional classroom instruction. At BCTC, most hybrid classes meet only once per week and, as a result, students spend one-half less time in the classroom than in traditional classes. The missing class time is made up by completing assignments using a computer.

What to Expect

Students who enroll in hybrid classes should expect to complete numerous assignments online. Most instructors use Blackboard, a course management system that permits instructors and students to share files, participate in online discussions, and much more.

Who Should Take Hybrid Classes?

Students who are contemplating fully online classes may wish to begin with hybrid classes, but hybrid classes are not for everyone. Before enrolling in hybrid courses, we recommend that students talk first with their academic advisor about:

  • Time Management. Because of the limited class meetings, students who enroll in hybrid classes should be self-motivated and be able to work in dependently. Good time management skills are critical. Because these classes meet only once per week, students need to be disciplined while managing assignments and deadlines. Students should take care when enrolling in hybrid classes that they allow themselves time to complete their online assignments.
  • Scheduling Classes. It is recommended that students allow for two hours outside of class for every hour spent in the classroom. That rules applies doubly for hybrid courses. Students should set aside at least 3-4 hours to prepare for their hybrid classes. Students should also consult the final exam schedule when selecting their schedule.
  • Digital Literacy. Hybrid students should be comfortable using computer technology. We recommend that students have satisfied the KCTCS digital literacy requirement prior to enrolling in hybrid classes or enroll in a digital literacy class as their first hybrid class.

Hybrid Schedule of Classes

The BCTC Schedule of Classes provides a list of hybrid offerings.