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BCTC Tech Tips

Tech Tips is a technology tutorial archive available to all faculty and staff. Tutorials and Q&A webinars are provided to help you utilize the latest technology resources. View the tutorials below or attend available Q&A webinars to receive more information on how to use the technology to enhance your classes and communication. If you have questions about Tech Tips, please email Have a wonderful day!

Tech Tips

Got Technology?


skype icon Learn how to use Skype to communicate with colleagues and attend online meetings. We will be using Skype for our Q&A webinars. Use the tutorials below to learn how to use Skype to create and join online meetings and how to use Skype to Instant Message and call colleagues.

Post Grades and Last Date of Attendance

Post Final Grades See the tutorials below for instructions on how to Post Final Grades in Peoplesoft and Record the Last Date of Attendance. These tutorials can provide you with beneficial information to help make your final grade posting process easy and painless.

Post Your Syllabus in Blackboard

Syllabus The January Tech Tips will show you how to Post Your Syllabus in 3 Easy Steps. Find beneficial information in PDF and Video formats to help make posting your syllabus in Blackboard as easy as 1-2-3!

Create a Voki Announcement

Voki Have you ever wanted to use a fun form of technology to enhance your online or face-to-face classes? Now, you can! A Voki Announcement is an animated avatar that you customize any way you like. You can make them to look like yourself, animals, smiley faces, political figures, holiday characters, and much more. A Voki uses audio technology to speak a message from a vocal recording by phone or microphone, or text-to-speech. Who knew teaching could be so much fun?

StatCrunch Data Analysis

statcrunch StatCrunch is a statistical software that can be used in many courses to demonstrate random sampling, normal distributions, correlation, and simple data analysis. Instructors can receive complimentary access, and you can use StatCrunch as a demonstrative tool in your course or require students to use it for their assignments.

Electronic Voting Using SC Surveys

SC Surveys Set up electronic voting using a free StatCrunch Survey. Download the free SC Surveys app for your smart device. Create a free survey and voting can be completed using the mobile app with a Survey ID and Passcode, or using an email or website link. Use these resources to see how easy it is to set up and use.

Create Videos with Jing or Snagit

Jing Create videos for lectures or tutorials using a free download of Jing to create videos that are 5 minutes or less. Purchase Snagit to create videos of any length. Use these resources to learn how Jing or Snagit can improve your teaching, both online and in the classroom.

Use Softchalk to Create Lesson Modules

SoftChalk SoftChalk is available in your Blackboard Course Tools menu. You can use SoftChalk to create lesson modules, by piecing together various types of documents. For example, you might create a lesson consisting of lecture notes, a lecture video, problem example, video tutorial, and quiz. The tutorials below will show you how!