Canceling an Event in ASTRA | BCTC

Canceling an Event in ASTRA

1) Login to ASTRA.

2) Click on ‘EVENTS' tab.

3) Click on ‘Events'.

screenshot events tab

4) Use the filter on the left column to find your event. For this example, I will filter all events scheduled by me.

Click the ‘+' under ‘Scheduler' in the filter column.

Screenshot create schedule

5) Find your name by typing in the top box or scroll to find. Click the check box to the left of your name.

Screenshot search box

6) Fill in the appropriate dates at the top of the Filter column, or make the blank.

Screenshot date filter

7) Click ‘Search' at the bottom of the filter column.

Screenshot search button

8) Find your event in the list populated in the right column and click on the pencil.

Screenshot pencil icon

9) To cancel the whole event, click on the pencil to the right of ‘Event Status:'

Screenshot event status

10) Click on ‘Cancel'.

Screenshot cancel button
11) The event status should now say ‘Scheduled to cance...l'.

Screenshot event status

12) To cancel one part of the meeting only, click on the pencil in the ‘status' column under the meetings tab. Then choose cancel.

Screenshot cancel part of meeting

13) When finished. Click on ‘save' at top.

Screenshot save button