BCTC closed for Presidents' Day

BCTC will be closed Monday, February 18, in recognition of Presidents' Day.

Astra Quick Event Scheduling

Step One

Visit the Bluegrass Astra page or the BCTC Web page: Faculty&Staff / Tools / Astra Schedule

Step Two

Authenticate with your KCTCS UserID and Password:

Login Image

Step Three

Select Calendars / Scheduling Grid:

Schedule Grid Details Image

Step Four

Choose the appropriate day:

Date Field Image

Step Five

Use the filter to select the appropriate campus:

Location Field Image

Step Six

Click the desired start time and drag to the end time:

Time Field Image

Step Seven

Complete the information in the “Add a Quick Event” panel

Event Info Dialog Box Image

"Customer" must be set to "BCTC". Contact bruce.manley@kctcs.edu if your name does not appear in the "Customer Contact" drop down menu.