Room Reservation Requests in ASTRA | BCTC

Room Reservation Requests in ASTRA

1. Log-in

2. Open Event Wizard and enter information into selected fields

a. Event Name - enter event and individual requesting reservation Ex. Math Proctoring/ J. Herrin
b. Event Type
c. Select "featured"
d. Customer: select "BCTC"
e. Customer Contact: select "individual's name who is completing the reservation"

3. Click "Next"

4. Select "Meeting Type"

a. Single and recurring meetings can be scheduled under the single meeting tab.
b. Recurring is only used for semester course scheduling or for events that will occur on the same day and time for an extended period of time.
c. Spanning is very seldom used.

5. Select "Start Time" and "Date(s)"

6. Click "Create"

7. Click "plus mark" next to event and verify information.

8. Click "Next"

9. Under

a. "Filter" update "Campus - select campus", Room Type - select type of room", and, "Building - select building" - this will narrow down your search and make the process easier.
b. Leave everything else as "default"
c. Click "Search"
d. Campus Codes: Cooper (BLC), Leestown (BLCLEESTWN), and Newtown (BLCNEWTOWN)

10. Locate room in grid and select.

a. If room is unavailable, you can double-click ‘unavailable" and it will tell you which times conflicts occur.
b. Click "Next"

11. Since mostly all rooms are smart rooms, you will not need to select any resources

a. This tab is only completed if VCR or TV is requested. All other features are default in the classrooms and conference rooms.
b. If they request for the room to be reconfigured, they will have to submit a request through ITES to M&O.
c. Click "Next"

12. Click on "plus mark" under meetings and verify information - make sure your room is listed.

a. This is a very important step because sometimes ASTRA will crash during your reservation and the room information will delete. Your reservation will be saved in the system, but the room will appear on your ASTRA report as "not scheduled"
b. If this happens, you will have to click "Previous" and go back to the "Rooms" tab and re-select your room.

13. Click "Finish"

14. Click "Send Event Summary"

a. Always send the event summary to your email address because most times ASTRA will not send the event summary to other email addresses.

15. Once the summary has been received in your inbox, please forward the event notification to the individual's email address.