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Blackboard Course Copy

To access:
Control Panel -> Packages and Utilities -> Course Copy

Screenshot course copy location
Use Course Copy to move content from one course shell to another. For instance, moving all the content from your Fall section of CRS 101-J0Z3 to your Spring section of CRS 101-J0Z6. Course Copy can move the entire content of the course or only parts of a course.

NOTE: To use Course Copy, you must be assigned to both the originating course and the destination course.

Enter the Blackboard course that has the source material (this is the old course, full of content). Open the Control Panel and select Packages and Utilities and then Course Copy. See screenshot left.







Step 1, Select the course the materials will be moving into. This will be the new (blank) course shell.

Step 2, most users will wish to "Select All" course materials. You may, however, elect only to copy parts of a class, e.g. tests only. *IMPORTANT* Leave the default settings in Steps 3 and 4 alone unless you really know what you are doing!

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