Create Calculated Grade Column In Blackboard

Click on Create Calculated Column in the Grade Center

Click on Total Column (Points) or Weighted Column (Percentages)

Screenshot create calculated total

In the Create Total Column Screen:

• Click in Column Name Box and type Total Points
• Leave all other settings as default unless you plan to not include certain columns, etc.
• Click the Submit button to complete.

In the Create Weighted Column Screen: NOTE: you must have the categories created FIRST!

• Click in the Column Name box and type Course Average
• In the Select Column Option, Categories to Select Box, select all columns related to Grade Center Assignments and click the right arrow button to send Categories Names to the Box on the Right.
• For each Selected Column, type a Percentage in each Category box on the right that corresponds with your Course Syllabus Weighted Averages. Note: Total must equal 100%
• Click the Submit button to complete.

Screenshot weighted screen