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Blackboard Qwickly

Qwickly is a Blackboard Building Block that allows users to post content to multiple Blackboard course shells from one location. Now users can deploy a test, post an announcement, send email and more to all their classes with a few short clicks.

Access Quickly from your Blackboard eCourses Page

Once you have logged into Blackboard, find Qwickly (you may need to click the arrow to the left to see the menu). Settings for Qwickly are accessed by clicking the gear icon.

Screenshot quickly menu

You can change which classes show under the Qwickly menu under settings. Uncheck items under "Show App" if you do not want that tool to show in the Qwickly menu. Items which are unchecked under the "Show Unavailable Courses" will not show courses which you have not made available to the student.

Screenshot qwickly course setup

Clicking on a menu item, in this case "Post Announcement" will allow you to send the same announcement to multiple classes. Place checks next to the courses you wish to send to and type your subject and message in the box. You can also set-up post date and time and an expiration date. Check the "Email Announcement" box if you also want a copy to be emailed to the student. Click "Submit" when ready to post the announcement.

Screenshot send announcement

Additional directions are available from KCTCS eLearning. (PDF) 

*TIP* Click the Settings Icon (top right) to enable MS OneDrive for Business. This will allow you to access your OneDrive content.