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Blackboard Statistics Tracking

Blackboard Tutorial on Statistics Tracking

Tracking Views allows you view how often students access areas in your class. In the example below, tracking is added to a link placed in Blackboard ...

Insert a Link into a Blackboard Content Area:

Screenshot new content menu

In the Standard Options area, select "Track Number of Views":

Screenshot Standard Options screen

Alternately, use the Options Arrow next to an item and choose "Statistics Tracking (On/Off)". Once enabled, you will see the note "Enabled: Statistics Tracking":

Screenshot tracking notice label

Use the Options Arrow to "View Statistics Report":

Screenshot View Statistics Report menu

Click the arrow next to "Content Usage Statistics" and click "Run"

Screenshot run menu

Select file format and start and end dates for the report. Blackboard has a limit set for how far back data can be retrieved.

Screenshot report options

Video Instructions (YouTube)