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Example Blackboard Welcome Letter

A Welcome Letter is typically emailed to students prior to the start of class and often archived on the landing page for the class, typically the Announcements or Home page. The welcome provides a general course overview, encourages the student to explore the course, and states where to go next or what to do next.

Example One

Welcome to FYE 105! Start by watching the video linked below:
**Link to Video Introduction**
Unit 1 is due by 8 AM on Thursday, 8/22.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please ask! I am available by email (email@adress.com) and telephone (859-246-####). I also can be reached by cell/IM (###-###-####). *Please* no texts/calls after 10 PM.

Example Two

Greetings and Welcome: **Link to Video Greeting**
Overview: This section of ENG 207 is taught with the subtitle: Screenwriting. In this course you will learn how to write a screenplay!

Course Textbook: The Screenwriter's Bible, 5th edition, David Trottier, 978-1935247029 (ISBN-13)
Note: I will be using the 5th edition. Used copies sell for around $10 on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Students are free to use the Fourth edition (which sells for much less) or the 6th edition (which is available electronically).

Course Start Date: Assignments begin Monday, August 18.

First Assignments: Your first assignment won't be due until Week 1 of the semester, but you can get started on it now if you like:

• Step 1 Summon Your Muse.pdf . To complete Step 1, you'll need to read the following chapter from your course textbooK: Trottier Summon Your Muse.pdf. I am making this chapter available while students locate copies of the class text.

• Introduce yourself to the class by posting a short biography. Who are you? Why are you taking classes in KCTCS? Why did you want to learn to write screenplays? What are some of your favorite films?

Instructor Contact Information: Your Name, Email@address.edu, (859) 246-#### (work), (###) ###-
#### (cell/IM). *Please no calls after 10 PM*