Martin Luther King Jr. Day Closing

In celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Day 1/21/19, BCTC offices will be closed and there will be no classes. We’ll resume regular business and class schedules Tuesday morning.

Change Your Academic Plan in Student-Self Service

Login to Student-Self Service using the Bluegrass Web Page.
Click on the Academic Records Tile on your Student Homepage

Screenshot Student Self-service

Click the Magnifier Icon in the Select Program of Study box to display the current list of Academic Programs of Study.

Screenshot Program of study search icon

Select your correct Academic Program of Study (i.e. Business Studies: Medical Information Technology).

Screenshot Select Academic Program of Study

Click the Magnifier Icon in the Select Academic Plan box to display the current list of Academic Plans for your Academic Program of Study (i.e. AAS Degree, Diploma or Certificate for Technical Programs or if you selected AA, AS, or AFA in Step 4, then this box is already completed for you).

Screenshot Magnifier Icon Select Academic Plan box

Select your correct Academic Plan [i.e. Medical Information Technology (Associate in Applied Science)].

Screenshot Select correct Academic Plan

Click the Magnifier Icon in the Select Academic Sub-Plan box to display the current list of Academic Sub-Plans for your Academic Plan (i.e. Track for Technical Programs).

Screenshot Magnifier Icon

Select your correct Academic Sub-Plan (i.e. Medical Coding Track).

Screenshot Select Academic Sub-Plan

Click the green Continue button to accept the new Academic Program and Academic Sub-Plan.

Screenshot Continue button

Click the No Toggle button to turn the button to Yes so that your correct Academic Program Plan will be changed for the current term.

Screenshot Toggle button

Write a brief message in the White Box indicating why you need you are requesting a change to your Academic Plan in the current term. (i.e. I need this change to receive Financial Aid). Click the green Submit button to have this process completed by the college.

Screenshot Message box