Important Announcement Concerning Your Financial Aid

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our financial aid processing system. We are working diligently to lessen the impact this may have on students.

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Using YouTube To Caption Multimedia

YouTube automatically captions content; however, the algorithm used to create the subtitles is far from perfect. Users need to correct errors. Note: YouTube does allow users to upload a transcript, and the software will sync the language in the transcript to the video. If no transcript is available, follow these directions to edit subtitles.

Select “Captions”:

Screenshot Captions icon

Set Default Language
If necessary, set language to English and make it the default setting:

Screenshot default language

Edit Automatic Subtitles
Choose “English (automatic)” to open the subtitles that YouTube has automatically generated:

Screenshot automatic subtitle

Make Necessary Revisions
Click “Edit”. Then press “Play”. Listen to the video and type edits in the right-hand panel. When finished, click “Publish Now”:

Screenshot edit captions

Screenshot subtitles

Help / Assistance

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