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Skype for Business

Create a Skype Session Using the Full Version of MS Outlook. In the Calendar, click New Skype Meeting:

Screenshot New Skype Meeting button

Invite attendees, choose a subject (i.e. name your event), and select meeting times before sending the invite:

Screenshot Skype meeting options screen

Attend a Skype Meeting by opening the appointment in your calendar and either clicking "Join Skype Meeting" and/or "Join by phone":
• The Join Skype Meeting allows presenters to share their screen and present video and allows attendees to participate in chat sessions. To listen, users must have speakers connected to their computer and microphone.
• Join by phone allows users to listen and speak. Some users prefer using their office phone over computer microphones and speakers.

Use Skype Features to Participate in the Meeting:
• Use the conversation icon to send and receive text messages.
• Click the microphone icon to turn the microphone on and off.
• *Presenters Only* Use the Screen Icon to present your desktop and share Word files, PowerPoints and more.

Screenshot Skype screen

• Keep your microphone muted unless you are talking
• If you join by both telephone and computer, be sure to turn off your computer speakers to reduce feedback.