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Record Last Date of Attendance

To record last attendance date, follow these steps:

1. Click the Faculty Center icon the My Schedule page should display as soon as you click the icon. If it does not, you may navigate to it by selecting Main Menu, Self Service, Faculty Center, My Schedule.

Screenshot Faculty Center

2. Verify that you are viewing classes from the correct term.

NOTE: To change the term, click the Change Term button and select the preferred Term and click
Continue to view classes for that term.

3. To record students that have never attended class at all or to identify those that have stopped attending, click on the No Show/Last Att Date Roster icon for the preferred class. This will take you to the No Show/Last Date of Attendance page for the selected class.

Screenshot No Show Icon

4. To record information on the No Show/Last Attendance Date roster, follow the instructions listed in steps on the page to populate the roster.

  • Click the Update Roster button. This will ensure that the roster has the most recent list enrollment data on the roster.
  • Click on the No Show/Last Attendance Date page tab to refresh the page and display the most recent roster data.

You can record Last Attendance Date information at two times during the term/session for a class:

  • Enter a Last Attendance Date at 60% Point for any students that previously attended, but have STOPPED attending at the 60% point in the term or session.
  • Enter a Last Attendance Date at End of Term for any students that earned a failing grade at the end of the term. Instructors will receive a message when a failing grade is posted on the grade roster indicating that they must enter a last attendance date for the student with the failing grade.

Once you have entered all your data, check the appropriate checkbox to indicate the roster is ready for reporting:

  • Check the The Last Attendance Dates at End of Term have been recorded and the roster is complete checkbox when finished recording last dates at end of term for students that earned a failing grade.
  • Click the Save Roster button. The data entered will be saved and will gray out. However, any students on the roster that do not have data entered will remain active for updates later.

Screenshot No Show Screen

6. To view a different attendance roster, click the Change Class button to return to the My Schedule page and click on the No Show/Last Att Date Roster icon for a different class to view that roster

7. Click the Home link when finished.