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The amended 34 CFR Section 668.22 of the Higher Education Amendment (HEA) of 1998 became effective in July 2011. The concept behind the policy is that colleges and students are allowed to retain only the amount of Title IV federal financial aid that is earned. Colleges are required to demonstrate that students attended their classes past the 60% mark of the semester. 

It is critical that instructors verify their rosters at the start of every semester. Students who have not attended classes should be listed as a no show.

Instructors in online classes must use the federal definition of academic contact to determine whether students have "attended" class. Merely visiting the course shell does not indicate academic contact; students must be engaged in the class. 

At the end of semester, instructors must  provide a Last Date of Attendance (LDOA) for every student who earned a failing grade or equivalent (E, F, MP, etc.). As with roster verification, online instructors must use the definition of last date of attendance.