Starfish Instructions to Schedule an Advising Appointment | BCTC

Starfish Instructions to Schedule an Advising Appointment


  1. Log into Starfish via My Path (You can also access Starfish through Blackboard-under Tools- and the KCTCS App-via My Path)
  2. Under ‘My Success Network’ and ‘Your Connections’ find your “Academic Advisor- Assigned”
    screenshot of a list of connections on success network
  3. Select the arrow/dots by your advisors name and select “Schedule”
    screenshot of schedule option
  4. Click Advising—then select the ‘General Advising’ option. Click continue.
    screenshot of general advisign option
  5. Select your desired date and time. Click continue. Note the campus and office location.
    screenshot of date and time selections
  6. Provide appointment details for your advisor (major etc.) then confirm appointment.
    Note: You will receive a confirmation email to your KCTCS email account. Be sure to read the email as important information regarding your appointment may be included.
    screenshot of the confirm option