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Starfish Edit/Removing Flags

Once you have logged into Starfish Click the Students button


Screenshot Students button

You should see a screen with all your students. You will want to change the Connection and Term drop boxes to the appropriate items you want to view. (You can also change these after the next section)


Screenshot Connection and Term drop boxes

You should now see the screen below. Click the box next to "Students with Tracking Items". I also pick the "Active" Status and the "Flag" Tracking Type


Screenshot Students with Tracking Items

This is what you should have.


Screenshot Status Icons Checked

Now click Submit. Your list will now show a list of students with active flags that have the Connection you have selected. You can change the Connection and Term now if you like and the list will update automatically.

Click the name you want to view/change Click Tracking


Screenshot Tracking View

Point (DON'T CLICK) your mouse on the orange flag icon


Screenshot Flag Icon

Move your mouse down and select what you want to do. Clearing the flag resolves it in the system. Edit allows you to modify the comment. Comment allows you to add a new note to the flag.