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How To Email Your Advisees


The easiest way to email your advisees is via the PeopleSoft Advisor Center. Log into Self-Service and scroll down to the Faculty Center and click "Advisor Center":


Screenshot Faculty Center

Here you will see a list of your assigned advisees. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select "Notify All Advisees":


Screenshot Notify All Advisees


Access Starfish through either Blackboard or Peoplesoft. Visit the Students tab and then the My Students subtab. Be sure that Connection is set to "Academic Advisor - Assigned" and the Term to "Active". *IMPORTANT* the "Advisor - General" connection gives you access to all enrolled BCTC students.


Screenshot Starfish Student Tab

To select all students, click the checkbox which is located next to "Name". Then click Send Message.


Screenshot Send Message

*IMPORTANT* Starfish only lists 25 records (i.e. student names per page). If you have more than 25 advisees, you must advance to the following page(s) and select the names listed there before clicking "Send Message". See screen shot below:

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