Setting Student and Advisee Appointments

Setting Student and Advisee Appointments Video Help 
Click “Add Office Hours”:

Screenshot Starfish


Screenshot Add Office Hours

Consult the Screenshot (below). Locations are set in Appointment Preferences tab of your User Profile (click your name in the top right corner).
*IMPORTANT* In Appointment Types, be sure to select either Advising or Teaching or both (this makes your appointments available either to your assigned advisees or the students your teaching or to both groups of students).


Screenshot Appointment Preferences

Click the Start/End Date tab to specify when the appointments start and end. You may set the end date for a specific date or a term.

Screenshot Start and End Date

Screenshot Start and End Date

Click submit when finished.

Repeat the process to add office hours for different time blocks (e.g. MW 9-12 and TR 2-4) or for different appointment types (e.g. Advising vs. Teaching)
To delete appointments, visit Appointments. Select the clock icon. Then select “Cancel”. Choose either "Just this one" to delete for the selected office hours or "The entire series" to delete all recurring instances. See screenshot below:

Screenshot Cancel Office Hours