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Edit Your Starfish Personal Profile

Starfish Personal Profile

Access the Personal Profile by clicking your name in the top right corner:


Screenshot Personal Profile

The Institutional Profile Tab allows you to personalize Starfish with your photo, information about your office hours, and a biography. Information placed in these fields will be shared with your advisees and students.


Screenshot Institutional Profile Tab

The Appointment Preferences Tab allows you to set a scheduling deadline, preventing students from making appointments a set number of hours prior to the appointment start time.


Screenshot Appointment Preferences Tab

Click the "Add Locations" button to create locations for students to meet with you. This can be useful if you work from multiple campuses.


Screenshot Add Locations button

The Email Notifications Tab allows you to set preferences for appointment notifications every time a student schedules an appointment. You can also control tracking notifications. We recommend leaving the tracking notifications at the default setting (see screenshot below); this means you will receive a daily report on Starfish flags.


Screenshot Email Notifications Tab

Follow these directions to sync your Outlook Calendar with Starfish. Doing so requires you to share your Outlook Calendar with starfish@kctcs.edu. Video directions