BCTC closed for Presidents' Day

BCTC will be closed Monday, February 18, in recognition of Presidents' Day.

Starfish Raising Flags

1. In Starfish, visit the “Students” tab and the “My Students” subtab:

2. *IMPORTANT* Be sure to set the “Term” to “active” and to select the desired student connection:


Screenshot My Students Sub-tab

3. Select the students whom you wish to flag or refer. You may select multiple students at a time:


Screenshot Select the students

4. Select the appropriate flag or referral.


Screenshot flag


Screenshot referral

Only raise one flag at a time. Students with attendance concerns likely also have missing assignments and are in danger of failing. There is no need to raise three flags.

Include a message. Your flag or referral is sent to the student, the student’s advisor, and the student’s instructors. A message allows for better intervention from the instructor

*IMPORTANT* the non-academic concern referral (see screenshot below) is NOT sent to the student. If you are at all concerned about a student’s safety, do NOT use Starfish. Contact your immediate supervisor.