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Navigate the Student View of Starfish

The details of what displays for students and what they can access in Starfish are specific to your institution, but will include some or all of the following components. If you are someone that has multiple roles, one of which is student, some of these components may display for you as well.

Student Welcome Page

Many institutions use Starfish's student welcome page to give students a quick start using Starfish. This page can be set to display the first time the student logs in. The student can opt to have the page display on subsequent visits by clicking the box labeled "Show me this welcome page next time I login to Starfish." If this box is not checked, the student will go directly to the student dashboard the next time they log in to Starfish.
From this page, the student can go straight to options for making an appointment, customizing their profile, or searching for available services. The student can click the Close button at the bottom of the screen, or select Home from the top level navigation to go to the student dashboard.

Screenshot Student Welcome Page

Student Dashboard

The main Dashboard includes a left hand panel highlighting upcoming events in chronological order and a right hand panel highlighting items that require the student's attention (student items with specific due dates may appear in both places).

The left hand panel may include:

• Upcoming appointments (if using Starfish Connect)
• Upcoming assignments (if being sent from the LMS)
• Upcoming classes (if the student schedule file is being sent from your SIS)

The right panel may include:

• Recent Kudos given to the student
• Any Flags, Referrals, To-Dos, or upcoming Success Plan requirements that require their attention

Screenshot Student Dashboard

Depending on your institution's configuration the following channels will display on the left.

1. Messages: This channel lists the messages sent the student through Starfish. Students can click on any message in the list to view the full contents of the message.

Screenshot Messages

2. My Success Network: This channel lists the people and resources that are available to assist students. For each person or service listed the student will find contact information, supporting websites, and, if online scheduling is enabled, a link to make an appointment. If a service includes a waiting room for walk-in appointments, the student can click the Waiting Room link to find out how many students are currently in line.

Screenshot My Success Network

3. Request Help: This channel name may be customized for your institution. If available, it provides access to any online help resources available to students and may also be configured to allow them to "raise their hand" to request assistance, effectively raising a Flag on themselves.

Screenshot Request Help

4. Courses: This channel displays the courses in which the student is enrolled, and provides contact and additional information for the instructor. If the instructor has office hours within which the student can make an appointment, a "Schedule Appointment" button will display. This listing may also include services to which the student has access that are related to the course/instructor, or a Help option to request help specifically for the course. Grades, attendance, and agenda tabs may display additional information if that data is available in your institution's Starfish environment.

Screenshot Courses

5. Plans: This channel will display any customized Plans created for the student. This might include an Academic Plan or a more targeted plan for a set of specific tasks with due dates. The student can access a printable version of the plan by selecting the View Details button associated with a plan.

Screenshot Plans

6. History: This channel provides a look at previous activities. This allows the student to focus their attention on what's coming up on the main dashboard, without losing the ability to look back, for example to check when and with whom they had an appointment last term.

Screenshot History

Student View - Top-Level Options
Regardless of the channel selected, the student can use the top navigation options to update his/her student profile or browse the catalog of available services.

Screenshot Top-Level Options

Student Profile

The student has the ability to modify their profile similar to a staff member, however they have more limited constraints on what can be changed. Depending on your institution's setup, they may be able to upload their own photo and specify an alternate email address at which to receive email.
The student can also select reminder settings to receive emails in advance of upcoming appointments. This is in addition to the notification that will be sent to them via email when the appointment is created.
If your institution is using Starfish's intake form, an additional tab will be included in the profile which gives the student the ability to view the contents of this form. By default this tab is labeled "Intake," but your institution may elect to modify the title for this tab.

Screenshot Student Profile


In addition to their personalized My Success Network channel on the dashboard, the student can access the institution wide services catalog if setup in Starfish. This is reached via the Services tab at the top of the page. This catalog may include general links to services available on campus, or it may provide access to specific services/service members that have been setup in Starfish. The list of services can also be searched by the student using the search box that is displayed just under their profile picture and name.

Screenshot Services Tab

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