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Starfish Zoom In

Starfish Zoom In allows instructors and TAs of course sections to manage and communicate with their students based on grades in the online grade center. The Zoom In tab is located within the Students tab of Starfish.

Setup Your Course Section

1. Begin by clicking Setup Section at the top of your Zoom In page

Screenshot Setup Section location

2. For each gradebook item you can determine what you consider to be a Poor, OK or Good grade.

a. Enter all values as percentages
b. Entries are shared between instructors and TAs of the section

3. Display determines which grades should be seen in your Zoom In dashboard. Active determines which grades should be calculated into the course average

4. Click the Submit button

Screenshot Setup Screen

Filter Your Students

Select the course section in the Filter Student By menu (right side of screen)
1. Then select the course and then Zoom In on students with Good, OK, Poor or Missed grades
2. Click Go
3. Change your settings by clicking on Setup Section and following the instructions above.
4. Choose to sort by your results by name, ID or course average

Screenshot Filter Your Students

Review Your Thresholds

1. To review your thresholds that are driving the grade status designations, click the Review Grade Cutoffs button

Screenshot Review Your Thresholds

Communicate With Identified Students

1. Select students by checking the boxes to the left of a student's name. Or click Select All to select all students who match your criteria

Screenshot Communicate With Identified Students

2. Choose to either raise a flag, kudo , referral, add a note or email the student(s)

Screenshot Communicate options

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have the Zoom In tab?

Zoom In is only available to instructors and TAs who are teaching the courses

What if I am using weighted grades or calculated columns in my gradebook?

Zoom In takes these settings into account and will reflect what you have entered into your online gradebook for the course