Associates Degree Nursing: Advanced Standing Admissions Guide | BCTC

Associates Degree Nursing: Advanced Standing Admissions Guide

Who Qualifies?

Students who:

  • Have taken nursing courses at an accredited college.
  • Have taken nursing courses at BCTC.
  • Successfully graduated from a PN program (LPN to RN Bridge for Spring semester).

Application Deadline

The LPN to RN bridge program admits new students for the Spring semester. All advanced standing application packets must be received in the Office of Admissions November 15th to be considered for advanced standing admission to the nursing program.

Steps to Apply

  • Create a Selective Admissions System Account. Once you have an active account you can print a program checklist to begin the process. You must submit the checklist with your packet.
  • In order to be considered for admission to the Advanced Standing Associate Degree Nursing Program, each applicant must attend a mandatory preadmission conference for the campus they plan to apply to.
  • Submit a completed application for admission to BCTC (Only if you are not a current student).
  • Submit official transcripts for ALL colleges, universities, and/or vocational schools attended since high school (Only if they are not already on file with BCTC).
  • Submit official NLN PAX-RN Exam Scores, must be within the last 3 years.
  • Submit two letters of recommendation from previous clinical nursing (for readmit or transfer students only).

Your packet must include...

  1. Checklist from Selective admissions account
  2. Official NLN Scores
  3. Any transcripts not already on file with BCTC
  4. Confirmation sheet from Pre-Admissions Conference
  5. Two Letters of Recommendation (ONLY if you are a readmit or transfer student)

For more information, please visit Associate Degree Nursing program.

Admissions Criteria for advanced standing

Category Admission Ranking

BCTC Readmit Students


  • Reading Score: ≥ 45%
  • Science Score: ≥ 45%
  • GPA: ≥ 2.0
  • Comprehensive Score: ≥ 99

LPN students


  • Reading Score: ≥ 45%
  • Science Score: ≥ 45%
  • GPA: ≥ 2.5
  • Comprehensive Score: ≥ 99

Transfer students


  • Reading Score: ≥ 55%
  • Science Score: ≥ 55%
  • GPA: ≥ 2.75
  • Comprehensive Score: ≥ 105

All NLN PAX-RN exams must be three years or less upon applying to the nursing program. Students can retake the NLN PAX-RN exam every 3 months. Students will be ranked within each category by:

  1. Reading score
  2. Science score
  3. GPA
  4. Comprehensive score