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Science to Success Scholarship

The Science to Success Scholarship awards $10,000 per year to eligible students. 

Thank you for your interest in the Science to Success Scholarship. Please complete this form to apply.

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The Science to Success Scholarship awards $10,000 per year to eligible students for two years maximum.  

The award is given in two pieces each year at the start of each fall and spring semester and is dispersed with financial aid.


  • You must be enrolling in BCTC for the Fall 2022 semester with an intended major of one of the following:
    • Associates of Science – future field of study of biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, or physics
    • Associates of Applied Science in Biotechnology
    • Associates of Applied Science in Computer Information Technology
    • Associates of Applied Science in Civil Engineering Technology
    • Associates of Applied Science in Environmental Science Technology
  • Your high school cumulative GPA must be at least 3.2
  • You must complete the FAFSA and qualify for Federal Financial Aid Pell Grant
  • Priority will be given to those who have GPA’s above 3.2 in science and mathematics coursework


  • Completed Application to BCTC
  • Completed BCTC Scholarship Application including:
    • One letter of recommendation from a high school teacher who had you as a student in a science, math, or computer science class (ex. biology, chemistry, earth science, math, statistics, physics, physical science, computer science, etc.).
    • Your high school transcript
    • An essay/statement of intent explaining:
      • Your desire to achieve an education in one of the required science fields (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Science Technology, Mathematics, Biotechnology, Computer Information Systems, and Civil Engineering Technology)
      • How you will benefit from the scholarship. Be sure to describe activities you have participated in that have influenced your decision to pursue a degree in this field of study.  Discuss what you plan to do upon graduating college and how you hope to prepare for your future career.

If you have any questions about Science to Success, please contact:

Cheyenne Hensley

Brian Dietel