Scott County Dual Credit Scholarship | BCTC

Scott County Dual Credit Scholarship

Scott County Dual Credit Scholarships aid 11th and 12th grade Scott County School students who have a documented financial need and are enrolled dual credit at BCTC.  Scholarships can cover the cost of dual credit tuition, fees, and book charges at BCTC.

Awarding Criteria

Scholarship awards are subject to available funding.  Students eligible to receive scholarships must meet the following criteria:

  • resident of Scott County, KY and enrolled in 11th or 12th grade with the Scott County School District
  • eligible for the Free and Reduced Lunch program based on family income level
  • meet college readiness benchmarks as well as other course-specific prerequisites
  • are enrolled in one or more BCTC dual credit courses
  • have exhausted and/or committed their available KHEAA Dual Credit Scholarships and/or Work Ready Scholarships. 

Scholarship awards will be credited to the student’s BCTC account after final grades are posted. Scholarships will not be applied to classes in which the student receives a non-passing grade of "I", "E", or "W".

Application Instructions

Please complete the online application and attach the Notification or Waiver of Student Fees letter indicating the student's eligibility for the Free or Reduced Lunch program for the academic year in which scholarship funds are being requested. Please note that eligibility for the Free or Reduced Lunch program must be based on family income level.


The deadline for Fall applications is October 15th. Fall applications may be renewed for Spring if the student continues to meet all eligibility criteria. Students who do not apply for the Fall may apply for Spring.

Spring-only scholarship applications should be submitted by March 15th.