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Sara Holroyd,

Lexington Community College, 1987
Associate of Applied Science, Nursing

Sara Holroyd

Lexington Community College, 1987

Associate of Applied Science, Nursing

Professor Holroyd was originally from Selma, Alabama. With the help of Ruth Newman, her Choral teacher, she was awarded a music scholarship at Peabody College in Nashville.  She worked in the cafeteria to cover her remaining expenses.

After graduating from Peabody, she returned to Alabama to teach chorus and band in Tuscumbia where she was one of only two women band directors. She also taught Choral music in Tuscaloosa until she left to study music at Columbia University.

She began her collegiate teaching at the Women's College of the University of North Carolina. After seven years, she continued her education at Indiana University concentrating on music education and voice.

Her career journey led her to the University of Kentucky where she was one of a few women Choral conductors at a major universities in the United State.  Professor Holroyd held the position of Director of Choral Activities where she taught music education, and conducted The Madrigal Singers, The Women's Glee Club, The University Chorus, The University Choristers, and The University Chorale from 1961-1987.  Sara was a trailblazer in both high school and collegiate conducting.

In 1987, she retired from the University of Kentucky at the age of 62 and enrolled in the nursing program at the Lexington Community College. After receiving her nursing degree, she became a nurse in the St. Joseph Hospital Emergency Department on the second shift. She worked in the Emergency Department until her retirement again at age 71.

Sara was awarded an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky in 2017.