Inventory Requirements

Inventory Requirements

All non-expendable property* with an acquisition cost of $1,000 or greater, high-risk equipment $500 to $999 (such as computers, laptops, and iPads), and capital assets (which are non-expendable property with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more) are maintained in a central inventory system.

*Non-expendable property is defined as an instrument, machine or apparatus with a useful life of 3 or more years. 

Computer-related equipment with a cost of $200 to $499 (such as desktop computers, laptops and iPads) is also tracked.

Computers and computer related equipment may not be purchased on a ProCard but must be purchased through BCTC's Information Technology Department. Please contact Laura Parrish at (859) 246-4602 or for details.

With regard to the use of KCTCS equipment, all applicable KCTCS, state and federal regulations and laws will be followed.

Other non-expendable property not meeting the criteria established in Business Procedure 2.9, Section 2.2.2A, shall be maintained for inventory control and insurance claims reporting.

BCTC conducts an annual physical inventory of property prior to June 30th and of capital assets prior to September 30th in accordance with KCTCS policies and procedures.