Budget Basics

Budget Basics

Welcome to the Budget Basics Page. Here you will be able to get information on how to manage your budget lines each month.

Basics of a Chartstring

A chartstring consists of the chartfields listed below and together represent the account you would like to charge your expense to:

Chartfield   Identifies
Business Unit 5 digits College
Account 5 digits Type of Expenditure
Fund 2 digits Funding Source
Department 6 digits (or 000 for Non-Breakdown) College Department
Program 5 digits General Purpose
Class 5 digits (or 00 for Non-Breakdown) Type of Usage
Grant GRTXXXXX (5 digits) Number assigned by OSPA

Example: Finance & Operations Travel

Bluegrass-Operating Expense-General Fund-Vice President-Institutional Support-Travel

Common Expense Accounts

Reconciling Your Budgets to PeopleSoft Data

Linked below are instructions for running Transaction Detail Reports and checking Commitment Control of your budgets.

Budget Questions

Email Amanda at amanda.talbot@kctcs.edu