Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use 0502, 0508, or 0511 as an account code on my forms?

  • These are overall roll-up accounts or budget accounts used to designate what type of expenses the budget is set up for. Your forms (BA6, BA8, etc) should contain the appropriate transactional expense account. Utilize the Chart of Accounts to determine an appropriate account code.

When do I use the BA6 (Journal Entry Form)?

  • When moving a specific expense that has already occurred from one chartstring to another.

What kind of supporting documentation do I need to submit with a BA6-journal entry for processing?

  • Supporting documentation can include a copy of the invoice, or timesheet and proof of where the expense was originally recorded (budget report, etc.).

When do I use the BCTC Budget Transfer form?

  • When moving a portion of your department budget from one chartstring to another to cover future purchases.