Peace Meal Gardens | BCTC

Peace Meal Gardens

The Garden NO Rules:a picture of plants

  • No synthetic pesticides
  • No synthetic fertilizers
  • No rototilling
  • No plastic strips/netting
  • No wasting water
  • No taking other gardeners produce without permission
  • No abandoning plot

The Garden YES Rules:Peacemeal Plants

  • Mulch to minimize weeds and water usage
  • Utilize companion planting and phyto/biological controls
  • Use biodegradable twine
  • Spend time in the plot each week
  • Share extra produce with other gardeners or the needy
  • Return tools to the shed and secure the gate when you leave
  • Bring sufficient drinking water in a reusable container, wear protective clothing, and otherwise protect yourself from prolonged exposure to heat
  • Keep the plot weeded

Peace Meal Gardens Agreement 2016