Calendar of Events

Return Trips(The Return Trips include workshops, cultural enrichment, and fun activities)

  • Saturday, February 24th 2018
  • Saturday, March 24th, 2018  
  • Saturday, April 14th, 2018 
  • Saturday, May 19th  2018 

*Details sent to students prior to each return trip

Fall School Visits

If school is canceled on the day of scheduled event, then Upwardf Bond events will be cancelled as well.






Boyle Co

6th 1:45PM

6th 1:45PM

9th 1:45PM

1st 1:45PM

Bryan Station

8th  2PM

22nd 10AM

12th 2PM

4th 2PM

Danville High

6th 12:30PM

6th 12:30PM

9th 12:30PM

1st 12:30PM

Frederick Douglas

8th 10AM

22nd 2PM

12th 10AM

3rd 1:30PM

George Rogers Clark

14th 9AM

20th 9AM

11th 9AM

3rd 9AM


15th 2PM

21th 10AM

19th 2PM

4th 10AM

Opportunity Middle College

16th 10AM

9th 10AM

20th 10AM

11th 10AM

STEAM Academy

13th 9AM

19th 9AM

10th 9AM

9th 9AM

Tates Creek

15th 10AM

21th 2PM

19th 10AM

2nd 2PM


Summer Program 

June 11th– July 20th is currently scheduled for the 2018 six week Upward Bound summer program. Students will move in a day before the scheduled start date (June 10th). The current dates may change depending on weather make-up days for the counties we serve (potential dates due to weather make-up dates will be June 18th- July 27th).  


  • Move-in Day - June 10, 2018
  • Bridge Students Move-in - June 17, 2018

See June calendar 

See July Calendar

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