SAP Video

SAP Video

Friend: Hey, what s going on?

Financial Aid Student: Just checking my email account, priority registration is starting and I wanted to see if there was anything I should be doing besides logging in to AdvisorTrac.

Financial Aid Student: That s weird. I got an email from the Financial Aid Office. My S.A.P. status is warning? What is going on?

Financial Aid Student: Okay, Okay. It says here that S.A.P. stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. That as a financial aid recipient that I am expected to meet three components of S.A.P. to stay eligible for aid.

Friend: I think I remember that from orientation. You have to keep a 2.0 GPA and pass two thirds of your classes.

Friend: So which one aren t you meeting? It can t be your GPA because you are a brainy person!! I know it couldn t be the Maximum Time Frame one because we both started at BCTC at the same time.

Financial Aid Student: I did drop a couple of classes. My professor told me I was going to fail. I didn t want it to affect my GPA so I dropped.

Friend: Go to the financial aid office and talk to someone. I m sure they can explain this to you.

Financial Aid Counselor: Hi, How are you?

Financial Aid Student: Hi, I m good. I just got an email saying that I m on S.A.P. warning and I m a little concerned about it.

Financial Aid Counselor: Well, let s take a look at your account. Okay, I see here that you are on warning because your completion rate has dropped below 67%.

Financial Aid Student: Yes, I dropped some classes because I wasn t going to pass them. My instructor said I was going to fail and that to keep my good GPA, I should drop out of their class.

Financial Aid Counselor: Well, you have to be careful with your terminology. If you drop a class, that typically happens BEFORE it starts. What happened in your case is that you WITHDREW from your classes after they started.

Financial Aid Counselor: Now, I see you are currently carrying a full course load. If you successfully complete those classes, your completion rate will increase and you will be meeting SAP and the warning status will disappear.

Financial Aid Counselor: But you have to keep on successfully completing all of your attempted coursework. You are very close to the 67% and continuing to withdraw will affect your future financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid Student: Now, how do I check my SAP status, so that I know what it is?

Financial Aid Counselor: You can check your attempted hours, earned hours and cumulative GPA on your unofficial transcript. That is available on your student self-service account.

Financial Aid Student: Okay, so 2.0 GPA and 67% completion rate, and 150% maximum timeframe.

Financial Aid Counselor: If you fail to meet SAP you will be suspended from financial aid. If you are suspended from financial aid, you will be responsible for the purchasing of your books, your tuition and fees.

Financial Aid Student: I read in the email that I can appeal. Is that true?

Financial Aid Counselor. That is true. There are certain extenuating circumstances that may be eligible for appealing the suspension status that our committee will review and be able to make a decision.

Financial Aid Student: Is not completing a class considered an extenuating circumstance?

Financial Aid Counselor: A circumstance that is outside the normal for an average student. For example, a death in a person s immediate family or an extended illness of the student.

Financial Aid Student: So what needs to be submitted with an appeal?

Financial Aid Counselor: A SAP Appeal request form. A plan of action completed from your advisor. You will need to type a letter explaining your extenuating circumstance. You will also need to state how your situation has improved. You will also need to provide documentation of the extenuating circumstance. All of our forms are available online under COSTS AND FINANCIAL AID.

Financial Aid Student: I m glad I came in today. It looks like there is a whole lot more to financial aid than just the FAFSA.

Financial Aid Counselor: Yes, it is. I m glad you stopped by too. If you need anything, have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to come back. You have a nice day.

Financial Aid Student: Okay. Thank you!