Project Rise

Project RISE

(Reaching Individual Success through Education)

Project RISE is designed to give students one on one services while attending BCTC. You ll get the support you need to develop and achieve the academic and career goals you set. Additionally, you will connect with other students in the program as well as network with local community resources and/or agencies to build your support network while at BCTC and beyond. We know there may be times when college can be tough, confusing or overwhelming BUT Project RISE provides students with encouragement and mentorship to help you reach the finish line!

Life s greatest rewards often come with their challenges. BCTC and Project RISE understand these challenges and have made every effort to make college accessible for anyone that wants to attend! What may be keeping you from attending BCTC and taking the next step toward a better future?

Here are some common roadblocks our students face as well as how BCTC and Project RISE strive to address the needs of our students!

  • Still working on your GED? BCTC offer programs that can help you get your GED and prepare you for learning in a college classroom.
  • Transportation? BCTC-Newtown campus is conveniently located right on the Lextran bus line.
  • Intimated by large class sizes? We offer small or online classes that can fit your needs.
  • First in your family to go to college? You will receive mentorship from someone who can help you make the right decisions.
  • Undecided about what you want to do? BCTC offers several degree options. Whether it s a certificate or an associate degree, students can meet with our college career counselors to help them determine which option is the best fit for their goals!
  • Don t know how you will pay for college? We can help with completing Financial Aid applications, foster care tuition waivers, veteran s benefits, and scholarship applications for those who may qualify.
  • Working full-time? You may want to consider part-time, online, evening, some weekend class schedule options!

Still unsure? We would be happy to sit down with you to explore all of your options to help you determine if BCTC and Project RISE are right for you!

Jessica Wooldridge, CSW
Career Development and Counseling Services

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