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Frequently Asked Questions

Starfish is easy to access through your Student Self-Service, or Blackboard. Once you are logged into Starfish, you can schedule an appointment with your advisor or review any feedback your instructors have left for you about your coursework. You can also find information and locations for any student support services that are available on campus.

Starfish offers a listing of your instructors, assigned advisor, and student services staff of BCTC. This group is  known as your “My Success Network.” You can setup an advising appointment with your assigned advisor and instructors to discuss your courses and educational goals. 

To schedule an appointment with anyone in your “My Success Network” please follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to Blackboard 
  2. Click the Starfish link at the bottom of the Tools box on the left side 
  3. Click on the Home link at the top of the page 
  4. Under the My Success Network section, you will see your instructors and advisor listed. Click on See available appointments to schedule an appointment. 
  5. Click on one of the bold dates on the calendar to see dates for available office hours. 
  6. Click on the Sign Up icon once you find a date and time that works for your schedule.   
  7. A new window will appear to “Add Appointment”. 
    1. Select a Reason (Ex. Course tutoring or Academic Advising)
    2. Enter a Detailed Description of why you are scheduling the appointment
    3. Select the Course
    4.  Click Submit
    5. The instructor’s calendar should now list your name in the time slot selected 
  8. Click on the Home link at the top. 
  9. You should see your appointment in the Appointments section 
    1. If you need to make any changes to your appointment, click on the calendar icon next to your appointment.

Instructors indicate areas of concerns by raising academic flags on student progress such as attendance concern, low test scores, missing/late assignments, academic achievement concern, in danger of failing, and recommended drop. Instructors and student services staff can also raise referral flags for services involving tutoring, advising, Blackboard, Financial Aid, and non-academic concerns.

Instructors send students positive feedback and achievements about their academic performance in their classes through kudos. Examples of the kudos include great job, high scores on exam, keep up the good work, showing improvement, and off to a great start.

You can use Starfish to “raise your hand” for help. The following items can be used by students to seek help with their concerns:

  • I’m considering dropping my course. 
  • I have a health concern.
  • I have an unforeseen financial emergency and need assistance. 
  • I have questions about my financial aid. 
  • I need help with online/remote services or classes.
  • I need to talk to my advisor. 
  • I would like tutoring for a class. 
  • I’m worried about my grade. 
  • I’m struggling academically and would like someone to reach out to me.