Deanna Chesser


I am currently attending Bluegrass Community and Technical College pursuing my Associate of Arts degree. I will graduate in May 2017. I have recently been accepted into the BCTC Blue+ program and will attend classes at the University of Kentucky in conjunction with my classes here at BCTC. After completion of my Bachelor of Arts degree, I will then apply to the University of Kentucky’s accelerated Doctorate Program to achieve my Ph. D in Clinical Psychology. If I am not one of the fortunate candidates who is accepted into this prestigious program, I will then pursue my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and then my Ph. D in Clinical Psychology. The ultimate end-point will be the same, just a longer path to that point.

About Me:

I am a non-traditional student. I grew up my entire life in southern Indiana. I graduated from Scottsburg Senior High School in 1988. I have three brothers and one sister. I am the middle child. I had two sons with my first marriage and my second husband has a son and daughter and two granddaughters and two grandsons. My current husband, James H. Chesser and I have been married almost nine years. I currently live in Willisburg, KY. I am a member of The Kentucky Federation of Business and Professional Women- Springfield, Kentucky Chapter and a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society here at Bluegrass Community and Technical College. In my spare time, I enjoy attending my step-grandchildren’s sporting events, playing/singing music, hunting, fishing, reading/writing poetry and relaxing on my back porch. I am very much family oriented and hold a high regard to family values.

Advice to freshmen:


Have fun and enjoy your education but stay focused, remember why you are here. Take advantage of what college has to offer, a career and a bright future. Take advantage of the tools that BCTC provides you with (i.e. advisors, instructors, library, tutoring center, First Year Center, Etc.). They are here for your success. Welcome to BCTC and enjoy the ride!