James Miller


Associate in Science and Associate in Arts

About Me:

I am a sophomore at BCTC. I am from Georgetown and graduated from Scott County High School. I love music and theatre. I have been in a total of 10 productions, some musicals and others straight plays. I love to read and I enjoy mythology. I plan to transfer to EKU or NKU to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I changed my career path halfway through my time at BCTC and that is why I will be graduating with two associates degrees.

Why I Chose BCTC:

I chose BCTC mostly because of the cost of tuition as well as the connection the college had to other universities. There were so many opportunities at BCTC that made it the perfect place to start my higher education. I was also lucky and blessed to receive a full ride to BCTC.

Advice to Freshmen:

Always check your email and pay attention to blackboard. This isn’t high school anymore and classes are different now. You are expected to do the work. Despite that, the faculty does not want you to fail. There are so many resources that BCTC offers. Take advantage of them! And don’t be afraid to get involved. Now is the time to try new things and meet new people.