Myka Pablo


Associate in Science

About Me:

I moved from the Philippines to the United States when I was 8 years old. In 4th grade, I was introduced to the violin, which sparked my interest in music and also led to learning the piano and guitar. I am a Henry Clay High School senior and a second-year student in BCTC through a dual credit program that the college offers. I hope to graduate BCTC with an Associate in Science, transfer to UK to get a Bachelors in Biochemistry, and continue on to Medical School to be a physician.

Why I Chose BCTC:

I was accepted in Opportunity Middle College, a dual-credit program at BCTC which provides high school junior and senior students an opportunity to take college classes for free. The program gave me a chance to get ahead in my education and also an environment that helped motivate me in pursuing my degree.

Advice to Freshmen:

I recommend all freshmen to be active in school. While getting good grades is very important, being a well-rounded student can open even more doors and opportunities. Join different clubs, be a part of a sport s team, and spend time exploring your different interests.

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