Rosine Yanyi


Associate in Applied Sciences in Surgical Technology

About Me:

I am an ambitious woman who doesn’t conform to societal expectations. I’m a career woman as well as a mother. I am currently 22 years old and refuse to be limited on my way of thinking or my creativity. I am a poet, model, and actress, amongst other roles. Needless to say, I create my norms and dwell in them. The sky is not the limit as I soar beyond that!

Why I Chose BCTC:

I chose BCTC because it was closer to my family, cheaper than most secondary institutions, and very diverse. BCTC has it all for me, from recreational actives to educational and personal assistance. Why spend a chunk of money when you can invest it in other things?

Advice to Freshmen:

Everyone has their own pace. Do not get carried away with what the next person is doing. Rather, focus on yourself. College is NOT high school, so always be on top of things. Check you emails regularly. Meet with your professors so you build a relationship. Basically, have everything set. But don’t forget to breathe! Relax and enjoy college!