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How do I drop a class?

Detailed information about withdrawing from a BCTC course can be found on the Withdrawal Policy page.

How do I reset my Peoplesoft student account password?

Instructions about resetting the password can be found on the Peoplesoft Student Account Activation form, or go to the User Account Center page to begin.

How many hours are considered full time?

Full time student academic status for a Fall or Spring 16 week semester is 12 hours; a Fall II or Spring II 12-week session is12 hours ; a Fall II, Spring II or Summer 6 or 8-week session is 6 hours.

I have met the prerequisite for the class I am trying to register for. Why do I keep getting a prerequisite error message?

Peoplesoft doesn t always recognize prerequisites for various reasons. The Student Records Office may need to manually override this error message once it s determined the requisite has been met. If the class was taken at another institution outside of KCTCS, the student needs to provide a copy of an unofficial transcript showing how the requisite has been met.

Students may submit a requisites override request online using the Course Enrollment Request forms.


What is the process for receiving an override into a closed class?

All overrides have to be approved, and signed by the instructor of the class. Students may send a request, along with their Instructor's permission, via email to

When I try to register for a class I get the error message You do not have access to enrollment at this time . What does this mean?

The "You do not have access to enrollment at this time" error message means your academic advising hold has not been released for the current term. All degree seeking student must meet with an academic advisor every semester. Information about advising can be found on the Advising and Assessment "Who is My Advisor ?" page.