African American History Month

Celebrate African-American History Month

African-American History Month (February) is a time to remember, to learn and to celebrate. At the library, we wanted to do a few things to acknowledge this important time!

  • Throughout the month, books by African-American authors will be on display at the Cooper Campus LRC.
  • We have developed two online selected bibliographies of materials owned by our library. The first is called African-American History Month: Selected Bibliography. The second bibliography is called Selected Bibliography:African-American Authors. These bibliographies are also available in hard copy, in front of the display.
  • We have created Bookmarks featuring famous African-Americans, and will be distributing them throughout the month. If you would like to distribute the bookmarks as well, simply click on the link and print them out.
  • Please see our list of recommended African-American History Links for more web resources related to National African-American History Month!

Please share this information with your classes, and if there is anything else that we can do let us know!