Step 12: Put Paper in Final Form

Put Your Paper in Final Form

  • Before you submit your paper to your instructor, you will want to make you do a final review to make sure the paper is complete.
  • Read over your paper and make sure there are no spelling errors, any in-text citations are formatted correctly, page numbering is correct, and your works cited or bibliography is included at the end of the paper, if applicable.
  • Make sure your paper meets the requirements of the citation and paper formatting style your instructor recommends. For example, MLA is the format usually used for English papers, whereas APA is usually used for Science papers. Check your syllabus/assignment to make sure which format you should use.
  • For examples and details on various paper and citation formatting styles, please see Citation Guides.
  • Need further help? Don't forget that BCTC has Tutoring Services that can help you with final formatting and citation questions.
  • Congratulations on completing your paper!