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During the admission, orientation, and enrollment process, all students and family will be informed of the BCTC Tobacco-free Campus Policy and receive informative material relating to the Policy. Students will be encouraged to obtain information about treatment to manage symptoms and/or treat tobacco dependence at the following websites:

Students who violate the Policy will be reported to the Assistant Vice President of Student Rights and Responsibilities and will be subject to corrective action according to the applicable disciplinary code in the Student Code of Conduct.

Article III, 3.2.15: Violating any rule or regulation not contained within the official college publications, but announced as administrative policy by the chief executive officer or his/her designee.

Who is Responsible for Disciplinary Action Action
  • Notify the Assistant Vice President of Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Document all actions
Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
  • Meet with the student to emphasize the importance of compliance with the Policy and advise of the potential consequences including disciplinary action
  • Highlight programs/opportunities available to assist the student with tobacco cessation
  • Document actions in the student s file
  • If the student has repeated offenses, meet with the student and inform him/her of the disciplinary action to be taken up to and including dismissal